Living your heartful life

When you spend most of your time feeling exhausted, stressed or carrying more aches and pains than you know what to do with, it’s hard to believe that you can find a deep sense of well-being ever again.

But it is completely possible for you.

And often with less effort and in less time than you think.


I’ll tailor a programme designed to awaken your natural vitality. Your current dissatisfactions, symptoms or problems don’t need to define you. Instead, they can be the launchpad from which you create a much happier and healthier life.

You can step into each moment of your life more fully. Imagine that … and let me guide you as you do.

Here’s how …

  • Ignite - chillies


    60-minute call to access immediate guidance for managing stress and sparking a new way of approaching your life

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  • Ignite - image


    Reduce your stress in less than a day and leave with a hand-crafted 30-day plan plus support

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  • Lighthouse


    90 days of transformation from being overwhelmed and uncertain to feeling calmer, more in control and living with inspired clarity

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  • I have just had a lovely VIP day with Jo focussing on anxiety and overwhelm. She is really perceptive and she held the space open for me to explore, think and arrive at new insights and understanding, whilst gently guiding me through the process.

    Judith Rayner
  • "Jo looks at you as an individual and makes you feel just that. I cannot praise her highly enough and would encourage anyone to try her yoga therapy sessions. I am certain you will enjoy them as I do.”

    Kim Thomas
  • Jo helped me accomplish my goal of getting very specific about what I want to offer the world. She helped me feel more alive and gave me practical steps to get started.

    Jenna Atkinson
  • “Arriving into Jo's class, I feel tired, stressed, and fraught. By the end of it I feel content, light, calm and relaxed - it lasts long into the evening and is followed by a restful night's sleep.”


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