A little bit about me

I know that saying, 'I'm happy when you're happy (and healthy and successful)' is really cheesy, but I might as well say it, because it's honest. And as you’re reading my ‘About’ page, I’m guessing you actually want to know something meaningful about me. And this really is what makes me tick.

I’m also a pragmatist and I know I can’t help everyone: I’ve got to be a little bit specific.

Can I help you? Yes, if:

1. You appreciate your life, but… there’s something not quite right. It may be a small niggle or a big dissatisfaction that’s asking for some attention.

2. You’ve got a specific health or wellness concern that you want to heal with more than just medication and/or surgery.

3. You just want to a damn good stretch. And if that helps you feel more peaceful, too, that’s even better.

That’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start to our conversation.

In essence, I help hectic high-achievers (mums, CEOs, others who have more to do than time to do it) restore balance and re-find meaning.  And when we work together we always take it one calmly focused moment at a time.

So what’s behind all this?

Foundation for Growth

After 20-odd years of seeing plays and art exhibitions for a living (I worked in and ran some cultural-sector companies), training people in ‘soft’ skills (a misnomer if ever there was one ‘cos people-skills are hard), and then improving skills and processes in the public sector (combining HR and Lean – I’ll explain some other time), I brought all that life experience plus lots of specialist training together for my true love…

Heart of the Matter

…and that’s helping people know themselves better through yoga, mindfulness and a whole host of other amazing techniques.

I have huge respect for these ancient teachings because they have guided thousands of people to live happier, more fulfilling, more dynamic lives.  And they can help you and me, too, if we interpret them in a contemporary way.  And so…

  • I work one-to-one with coaching and yoga therapy clients on their personal areas of interest, either taking an all-round life approach or looking at one specific thing
  • Through my group programmes I offer people the chance to get to understand, practice and feel the benefits of mindfulness
  • For people who prefer regular yoga classes, I offer these in my home studio, always teaching with the intention of helping clients live more skillfully and happily

And one (almost) final thing you should know about me is that I’m a big fan of kindness.  It’s what actually makes the world go round.

So the final thing is my relevant credentials, so you can trust I know my stuff.

If you’re ready to get going, you can see all the ways we can make magic together (yes, I got cheesy again).

JoJo Gillibrand