Life Review

Is there one particular area you’d like to tinker with or radically change? Or perhaps you have work to do in a number of areas so that you can live life more happily and with more fulfillment.

Sometimes it feels like there should be a re-boot button for life

Wherever you’re at, these 5 coaching sessions will help you unpick the tangle, develop deep clarity, and in doing so, find the energy to move forward with more ease and grace than you thought possible. You’ll get:

  • Life Review: Five 50-minute sessions over 2-3 months to pause, recharge, set clear goals, and take action to re-energise your life
  • Pre-session Life Review audit that will help you get to the heart of what you want to address, and give some pretty sharp clues as to where we should start our conversation
  • Recordings of our sessions, if you want them, to re-immerse yourself whenever you want
  • At least one guided meditation (MP3) made just for you, to help you get what you want
  • Email support between-times
  • My complete commitment to your success, and support delivered in the way that’s just right for you
Jenny FlynnLife Review