One step at a time

If you want ongoing coaching support for a big project or an apparently open-ended or intractable problem, then you shall have just that!

Everything seems more do-able with structured support from someone who’s completely on your side. I offer you total commitment to helping you get what you want, smart questions that awaken your insight, challenges when needed and accountability (regular check-ins enable momentum).

You pick the length of time you want to work with me for, from between 3 and 6 months. You’ll get:

  • Two 50-minute sessions per month for a minimum of three months
  • Month-by-month: 2 sessions per month for however long you want (though 3-6 months is about right for most people to get the changes they want)
  • Pre-session audit designed for you to help us focus and be real
  • Recordings of our sessions, if you want them, to re-immerse yourself whenever you want
  • At least one guided meditation (MP3) made just for you, to help you get what you want
  • Email support between-times
  • My complete commitment to your success, and support delivered in the way that’s just right for you

Jenny FlynnOne step at a time