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“Jo is an exemplary role model for all that she teaches. She embodies mindfulness, and after our three-month coaching programme together, I have a truer knowledge of what being mindful really, really is.

Before I started working with Jo I had a natural curiosity about whether we would ‘fit’, but her gentle, quiet, reflective style, never made me feel I ‘should’ or ‘must’ be doing something. Her ability to let the conversation go where it needed to go for me and add incredible insights using her knowledge, learning and experience of mindfulness, yoga, NLP, etc. were the best aspects of working with her.

Now, I have the ability to recognise the impact my thoughts are having on me which therefore help me manage daily life more creatively, helping to avoid unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. I’ve also benefitted by deciding to take time out from work to clear out my ‘busyness’, to take time to do more of the things that bring me energy, joy and fun. And I have faith that creating space in my life will allow new opportunities to enter.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Jo. There is nothing I would want to have done differently and I’d definitely recommend Jo to friends and colleagues.”

Darryl Bunner
Judith Rayner

“I have just had a lovely VIP day with Jo focussing on anxiety and overwhelm. This was the first time I’ve met her and she made me feel instantly comfortable and looked after. She is really perceptive and she held the space open for me to explore, think and arrive at new insights and understanding, whilst gently guiding me through the process.

I found her to be knowledgeable and able to adapt, using her skills and tools as needed during the session. This is just the start of a journey for me so I’ll be looking forward to our follow-up conversations to make sure I’m on track and bedding in some of the learnings into my days. Thank you Jo.”

“Jo helped me accomplish my goal of getting very specific about what I want to offer the world. Through her wisdom and deep sense of knowing, she provided me invaluable feedback that I’ve used both in my personal life and business.

As an idealist, Jo reminded me that my sensitivity is my strength, which has given me a great sense of energy and determination. We all have dreams of what we’d like to be and do. Jo helped me feel more alive and gave me practical steps to get started.”

Jenna Atkinson

“Arriving into Jo’s Relaxation Yoga class, I feel tired, stressed, and fraught. But when I am in class time slows down, we perform movements with all parts of the body, get into different positions, slow our breathing down, meditate on different themes such as self care and care for others. By the end of the class I feel contentment, lightness, calm and relaxed which lasts long into the evening followed by a restful night’s sleep.”

Kim Thomas

“I was completely new to the world of yoga and was recommended to Jo by a friend.  I didn’t realise how much I needed yoga in my life until I began to experience it.  The benefits for me have been mental and physical. I wanted to make sure the body could still bend a bit in later life, so thought I ought to put in some ground work now.  I hadn’t considered that my stressful working life was also taking its toll on me mentally, until I began to discuss things with Jo.

Jo developed a user-friendly, not too long, programme for me which incorporates physical movements, breathing and segments which just allow your mind to float away. The benefits of just stepping out of the day-to-day routine and general hubbub of mental jabbering cannot be underestimated.

Jo has given me several coping mechanisms for when the stress at the desk begins to hit unacceptable levels. It used to be chocolate and swearing … it’s now a healthier adjustment of posture and deep (quiet) breathing.  I would be lying if I said that chocolate does not still play a role in my life … it’s just a smaller one!

I feel certain that there is no “one size fits all” aspect of yoga.  Jo looks at you as an individual and makes you feel just that. I cannot praise Jo highly enough and would encourage anyone to work with her. I am certain you will enjoy it as much as I do.”

“I took my first yoga class with Jo and, although I wasn’t really aware of it at the time, I must have relaxed at a very deep level as I had the best night’s sleep that night in many years.”


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