Spark a new you with this short burst of coaching and support

Start feeling like you again. Stop feeling so overwhelmed. 

Imagine getting your stress under control. You’re able to think straight, polish off your to-do list with a sense of ease, and find joy in your relationships again.

It’s a world away from where you are now: feeling ragged and vulnerable, running round in circles one minute, and being frozen to the spot the next. Stress confuses your mind and paralyses your body. Life’s coming at you thick and fast, and you can’t figure out how to juggle it all, let alone actually manage it.

You’re not alone. And you don’t have to do it alone.

The stress you’re feeling is all too common in this fast-paced world. I’ve helped plenty of people slow things down enough to see their stress dissolve, to know what’s actually going on. Then it’s a whole lot easier to know what needs to be done. And do it.

This is all within reach. Here’s how I’ll help you take charge again.

Press ‘pause’ on stress

First we’ll take a breather. You can’t achieve anything while you’re panicking, so I’ll help you calm down naturally, using only the power of your own mind, body and breath.

We’ll list the symptoms that are so distressing. Anxiety attacks? Pains all over? Pain in one place, like your lower back? Snapping at your nearest and dearest? Can’t concentrate on work? Getting to the end of another day without ticking everything (or anything) off your to-do list?

We’ll put a plan in place to handle these. It’ll be a simple plan. One that fits your needs beautifully. You’ll do what’s on the plan, you can check in for more support from me as you go along. After that, we’ll meet up again to check on progress, and I’ll help you figure out how keep things on an even keel.

Stress makes you want to hide from the world. Work with me to face it again with a smile.



What's Ignite like for clients?

Claire Jones says

“Beforehand, I was unsure whether two short sessions would be enough to find appropriate issues and have any lasting impact. I was also unsure whether a connection could be made between Jo and me. I needn’t have worried, as Jo was able to get to root issues and guide me. I liked the focused grounded energy that kept discussions moving in the right direction but also held space where needed.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of the ignite program. I feel that I have a springboard to move forward whereas before I felt very lost with which way to turn. The resources have been useful and I feel I have more manageable effective strategies to use.

I have been inspired by Jo’s grounded and compassionate energy to continue moving towards mindful and wholehearted living. Thank you Jo :)”

Sophie Cheung says

“Before the first Ignite session, I was a bit worried about opening up, but that disappeared when I found out that Jo is good at listening and was very positive about my ideas. I felt inspired after our conversation. The Ignite programme has given me ideas and a focus point to look at. I’m now feeling motivated and excited.”

Claire Jones

Let your spark ignite a flame. Let it change everything you need it to.

What's the full programme?

Stress is halved when it's shared. We'll collaborate to reduce your stress and get you back to feeling like your best you.

You’ll get things off your chest in a 90-minute call and I’ll help you work through what’s bothering you. By the end of the call you’ll feel lighter, more in control and clearer-headed. You’ll have a plan laid out to feel better and move forward.

You’re no longer alone. If you want to clarify anything, just email me.

A week after our first conversation, you’ll have a 60-minute call to check everything’s on track and celebrate the changes you’ve made. You’ll also know how to keep your momentum up.

Get any final questions answered by email in the to 5 days after our second call.

Plus, you get a detailed resources pack made specially for you, filled with meditations, books, articles, podcasts and other info to help you sustain the changes you’ve made and empower yourself yet further.

Ready to reduce your stress and re-ignite your spark?

Your investment: £195

Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.

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  3. Once your agreement has been signed, you’ll be given access to your prep work.
  4. Then we’ll have our session.

Have questions? Set up a call with me.

I’m looking forward to seeing the difference you’ll make in your life in such a short time.

Together we'll reduce your stress. And we'll have fun doing so.
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