Using mindfulness to boost your mood

Have you ever been taken over by aliens? I’m guessing not. But surely we’ve all experienced strange, inexplicable compulsions to do or not do something – almost like we’ve become an alien to ourselves. It’s as if we don’t have a choice

9 natural steps to being radically healthy

You’ve undoubtedly heard of at least one person who’s had an apparently miraculous healing from cancer. People who become healthy again after finding themselves in a terrible situation

How to set yourself up for success – simply

I’m sure you’re completely familiar with the standard way of starting training events: you’re asked to state your expectations for it. No doubt you’ve compliantly gone along with the request (we all have). But now I’m offering you 5 good reasons to be a rebel.

Reclaim Your Day of Rest

What were Sundays like when you were a kid? Whatever you got up to, my guess is that they were slightly more restful than they are today. Now you can shop, go to museums, sign up for family fun days, or binge on box sets. You’re as spoilt for choice on Sunday as you are on Monday

Sleep easiest by knowing your life’s on track

Is sleep still elusive? Here’s some great news: there is a way to virtually guarantee that we’ll always be able to sleep, hardly ever feel tired and have almost boundless energy, and that’s to live a meaningful life and take care of ourselves.

Keen to sleep? Design your personal sleep strategy

Sleep is so important that if you’re not managing a full night of high-quality sleep then the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to make it your top priority. All you need is your own simple sleep strategy, which you can create by following these steps.

Desperate for sleep? Try this …

Sleep is natural; your body and mind know how to do it without trying. So why can it be hard to come by sometimes? If you find it difficult to drop off into a good night’s sleep then something is clearly blocking this natural process, and our mission is clear: work out what the block is and minimise it or eliminate

Discovering your superpowers

“If you could be a superhero, which one would you be?” That’s what the teacher asked on the first day of my yoga teacher training programme. Didn’t see that question coming.