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Although it may not always feel this way, the opportunities in today’s world to find health, happiness and success are many and mind-blowing.

You have choices. Lots of them. And sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming.

So here’s the straightforward story of my offerings and how you might use them:


We’ll work one-to-one or in a group to help you find peace in the midst of mess. Mindfulness is experiential, so there’s plenty of opportunity (and need) to practice. This will help you find the truth for you behind the miraculous claims for mindfulness that seem to be everywhere right now. We can do this in-person or via the web.

This is for you if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your life and your thoughts about it. Peace really is possible in any moment and mindfulness can help you access it.


We’ll shape and achieve your personal and/or professional goals by working one-to-one for a defined or open-ended number of sessions. I’ll dig deep into the toolbox of coaching techniques to help you get what you want. We can do this in-person or via the web.

This is for you if you want to focus on accomplishing something in particular (even if you don’t know what it is just yet).

Yoga Therapy

We’ll integrate mindfulness, yoga and Ayurveda one-to-one to take into account all of your health and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re facing physical or mental/emotional challenges, yoga therapy focuses on growing all that’s well with you as well as caring for whatever is unwell. We develop the ‘well’ part to sustain and encourage you, while we take tangible actions to improve the ‘unwell’ part. It’s best to do this face-to-face in Reigate, Surrey.

This is for you if you have health concerns that you want to heal holistically by exploring underlying causes and making changes that address those.

Yoga Classes

We work one-to-one to explore what yoga really is (clue: it’s more than just getting a sweat on) and how it can help you feel better as a whole. Each class combines mindful movement, breath-work, meditation and relaxation to powerful effect. There may also be a sprinkling of Ayurvedic knowledge to help you live well with the changing seasons. We can do these classes in-person in and around Reigate, Surrey.

This if for you if you want to build a regular yoga routine to support you through life’s joys and challenges.

If you’re still not sure which one to choose, contact me to talk through your needs and create the best solution for you.
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